Consultation Period Begins for Historic Fraser Range

National Regional Property Group (NRPG) have recently released development proposals for the Fraser Range site in Eastney, a former Naval gunnery range and research facility that has stood vacant for over ten years. The consultation period has now begun with a public presentation for the local community, key stakeholders and the city council, and valuable feedback is expected over the coming weeks.

Largely developed in the decades before and after the Second World War, but with strong connections to the adjacent Fort Cumberland, the site is now in a state of considerable disrepair, and a regeneration collective has formed to restore the land to functional use.  ERMC are lead architects on the scheme, following extensive experience working with Solent fortifications and local heritage projects such as the successful Hotwalls Studios in Old Portsmouth.


“[ERMC] have worked on the sensitive conversion of a number of award-winning local heritage projects in the city, with their recent project, the ‘Hotwalls Studios’ achieving many nominations and winning the prestigious Portsmouth Society ‘Best Conversion’ 2017 award. This project has successfully transformed a scheduled ancient monument and one the most historic and loved areas of the city into a local meeting place and arts centre.”

NRPG, Fraser Range Proposals

A dedicated website has been set up for the redevelopment, and from there you can see the site as it is today as well as how ERMC envisage its transformation.  Working alongside NRPG and award-winning landscape practise Macgregor Smith, ERMC are looking forward to leading the project as it progresses through the planning process.



Fraser Range | National Regional Property Group | Macgregor-Smith

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