Sycamore Drive Recently Finished

One of our latest housing projects has been praised for its commitment to Affordable Housing...

When Sycamore Drive, formerly the site of Bembridge Primary School, was unveiled to the local community on July 13th 2017, the immediate reaction was surprise.  Many expressed that they were not expecting such spacious houses on such generous plots, but ermc has worked carefully with Vectis Housing and the local authority to ensure that the area isn't overcrowded with new homes.  Large gardens towards the rear of each dwelling, as well as two car parking spaces to the front, gives each home more luxury than most people associate with Affordable Housing, but the economic design from ermc has allowed the houses to be built on a manageable budget.

"If we can produce a development of this quality, this style, then we know we are at the front of the pack."

Vectis Housing representative at the official opening.

Read more about this project - and take a look at some the rest of our portfolio - here.

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