Dulwich Wood Primary School

ERMC were employed by the main contractor for Southwark Council to complete the detailed architectural design of the original concept of this £1.5m project for Dulwich Wood Primary School.  The concept scheme involved considerable challenges, which through collaboration and rigorous design processes we brought successful completion for our client and the end users.  Our design development period started the same week as the contractor took possession of the site as is often the case.  Design packages were coordinated to suit procurement lead times rather than purely construction process.

Elements of the design were split level with a larger first floor built over a smaller ground floor.  A mix of structural solutions were employed including, integral retaining and tanking structures, piled foundations, reinforced concrete and deep fill mass foundations, along with timber frame and glulam timber structures.  These varying techniques were employed to overcome specific site constraints, yet maximise value engineering for our client, speed of erection and preferred sub contract packages.

The design of numerous cladding systems followed the constraints of the planning approval and the original concept ethos but were again value engineered to suit material efficiency and reduce waste, improve the speed of installation and comply with best practice detailing.

3D modelled throughout, coloured and rendered visuals were produced as by-products to sell finishes to end users at no extra cost to our client.  This sped up the end user approval process whilst again tailoring the offer to contractor preferred suppliers, who would meet price point and programme constraints.

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