Lakeside Close, Aldershot

Lakeside Close was an existing housing site owned by Guildford Borough Council in the town of Aldershot. The site housed 30 mobile residential units. Those units were deemed to be unfit for habitation and, therefore, the Local Authority’s brief was to secure Planning Approval for a new residential development of 35 houses on the site, to current standards and Planning policies including Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, Lifetime Homes and Building for Life Standards. ERMC surveyors and architects were retained by GBC to complete Stages E-L and produce a tender package and on site support as well as Contract Administration.

The development has been designed around a ‘home zone’ to ensure the car is subservient to the pedestrian. It was envisaged that existing occupants of the site would be re-housed if they wished and new occupants would also be encouraged. The area had anti-social issues and it was hoped that with the provision of new housing incorporating a sense of community and ownership, that these issues would reduce.

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