New Road, Gomshall

ERMC were commissioned to survey and design a development project in Gomshall, situated in a rural setting with views over the Shere Valley. It is situated in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Green Belt of Surrey. New Road in Gomshall is a mix of private and affordable housing units. The Local Authority affordable housing units were a mix of concrete framed ‘airy’ two storey units and a set of bungalows that are not classified as ‘Decent Homes’.  The proposal was to replace the existing sub-standard units on the site and increase unit numbers where possible using both the existing plots and other vacant land. There were 16 existing units within the current Local Authority portfolio and the access to the new units is from New Road and Gravel Pitts Road. 

The scheme

A scheme of well-proportioned mass and scale was produced with a context that matches the surrounding area. Adequate parking spaces were provided to all units to avoid traffic congestion within the existing road. The use of vacant areas of land within Local Authority ownership ensured a maximisation of units on the site in accordance with current planning policy. The outcome of the project was the submission and approval of a successful residential development scheme of 27 houses. Ermc progressed through RIBA Work Stages E-L with confidence in development potential, Planning Approval, cost surety and a phased approach to dealing with the site. Tender drawings were produced and designers moved forward with support on site though Stage K of the works.

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